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ABC-1000 Energy Saving High Precision Plastic Injection Molding Machine CNC Control 9kw

China Ningbo haijiang machinery manufacturing co.,Ltd certification
China Ningbo haijiang machinery manufacturing co.,Ltd certification
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Haijiang injection molding machine good quality ,but price is better than Bole and Haitian. It is good choice

—— Muhammad Khali

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ABC-1000 Energy Saving High Precision Plastic Injection Molding Machine CNC Control 9kw

ABC-1000 Energy Saving High Precision Plastic Injection Molding Machine CNC Control 9kw
ABC-1000 Energy Saving High Precision Plastic Injection Molding Machine CNC Control 9kw

Large Image :  ABC-1000 Energy Saving High Precision Plastic Injection Molding Machine CNC Control 9kw

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Ningbo,China
Brand Name: Haijiang
Model Number: HJF-240

ABC-1000 Energy Saving High Precision Plastic Injection Molding Machine CNC Control 9kw

High Energy Saving: Saving Energy 20%-80% Warranty: 1year
Core Components: Motor, PLC, Engine, Screw Plasticizing Way: Screw Type
Ejector Point: 5 Control: CNC|manual|automatic
Model: ABC-1000 Power: 9kw
High Light:

9kw Plastic Injection Molding Machine


ABC-1000 Plastic Injection Molding Machine


CNC Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Product Description:

The Plastic Injection Molding Machine stands as a paragon of modern manufacturing, offering a blend of efficiency, precision, and versatility that is unparalleled in the realm of injection molding equipment. A marvel of engineering, this machine is designed to cater to a wide array of plastic manufacturing requirements, making it an invaluable asset for any injection mold maker looking to elevate their production to new heights.

At the heart of this machine's performance lies its variable clamping stroke, which ensures adaptability to a variety of mold sizes and complexities. This flexibility not only allows for a broader range of products to be crafted with exacting standards but also maximizes the efficiency of the machine, reducing downtime and increasing throughput. Thanks to this feature, manufacturers can swiftly adjust to different production demands without compromising on the quality of the output.

One of the critical elements of the Plastic Injection Molding Machine is its impressive heating power of 13.6kw. This robust system guarantees that the plastic materials are heated to the optimal temperature for molding, ensuring a high precision plastic injection molding process. The even and precise heating reduces the risk of defects and enhances the strength and aesthetic appeal of the final product. This attention to detail is what sets high-quality injection molding equipment apart from the competition.

Control is a vital aspect of any precision equipment, and this Plastic Injection Molding Machine excels in this domain. Offering a trifecta of control options – CNC, manual, and automatic – the machine caters to the needs of any production environment. The CNC mode provides unparalleled precision and repeatability, which is essential for high precision plastic injection molding tasks. The manual mode offers hands-on control for specialized tasks or troubleshooting, while the automatic mode streamlines production for high-volume or less complex jobs.

The oil tank capacity of 270 liters ensures that the machine can operate for extended periods without the need for frequent refills. This large reservoir contributes to the machine's continuous operation, minimizing downtime and maintaining the workflow's momentum. The generous oil tank capacity also plays a critical role in the machine's hydraulic system's smooth and stable performance, which is essential for maintaining the high standards of precision and control required in the injection molding process.

Another hallmark of this machine is its plasticizing way, which utilizes a screw type mechanism. This method is renowned for its efficiency and ability to produce a consistent plastic melt. The screw type plasticizing system ensures uniform plasticization and homogenous melt quality, which are crucial for producing high-quality plastic parts. This system also allows for better control over the injection process, which, when combined with the precise heating and control systems, ensures that the machine consistently delivers products that meet the stringent requirements of the industry.

In summary, the Plastic Injection Molding Machine offers a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to produce high-grade plastic components. Its variable clamping stroke, powerful heating system, versatile control options, substantial oil tank capacity, and efficient plasticizing way make it an essential piece of injection molding equipment for any serious injection mold maker. With this machine, manufacturers can achieve high precision plastic injection molding, creating products that are not only of exceptional quality but also manufactured with the utmost efficiency and reliability.


  • Product Name: Plastic Injection Molding Machine
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 270 L
  • Toggle Stroke: 1350MM
  • Plasticizing Way: Screw Type
  • Shot Weight: 1590 G
  • Heating Power: 13.6kw
  • Compatible with High Precision Plastic Injection Molding
  • Designed for use with Injection Molding Mold

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Specification
Core Components Motor, PLC, Engine, Screw
Ejector Point 5
Shot Weight 1590 G
Heating Power 13.6kw
Oil Tank Capacity 270 L
Capacity 10-15 Cartoon/min
High Energy Saving Saving Energy 20%-80%
Power 9kw
Clamping Stroke Variable
Hs Code 8477101090


The Haijiang HJF-240 plastic injection molding machine, originating from Ningbo, China, is a highly versatile and efficient piece of equipment designed for a myriad of applications. This machine is engineered to facilitate high precision plastic injection molding, which is crucial for producing intricate and detailed plastic parts with tight tolerances. The HJF-240 model is equipped with core components that ensure its reliability and longevity, including a robust motor, an advanced PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), a powerful engine, and a high-performance screw, which is the heart of the plasticizing process.

With its variable clamping stroke and 5 ejector points, the HJF-240 offers flexibility in mold design and product ejection, making it suitable for a wide range of injection molding mold applications. Whether for small-scale production or large-volume manufacturing, this machine can handle different product sizes and complexities, thanks to its adaptable nature. The screw type plasticizing way ensures that the molten plastic is homogeneously mixed, leading to superior quality products with excellent surface finishes.

The Haijiang HJF-240 is the ideal choice for industries that require high precision plastic injection molding, such as the medical device industry, where precision and hygiene are paramount. It is also well-suited for the automotive sector, where durable and complex components are needed. Moreover, the consumer electronics industry can benefit from this machine's capabilities to create intricate parts for gadgets and appliances. Additionally, it serves as a valuable asset for an injection mold maker, providing the ability to produce molds that meet specific client requirements with exceptional accuracy.

The assurance of a 1-year warranty reflects the confidence in the durability and performance of the HJF-240. Its ability to deliver consistent results over time makes it a reliable choice for businesses looking to optimize their plastic injection molding processes. From prototype development to full-scale production, the Haijiang HJF-240 is designed to meet the challenges of modern manufacturing, ensuring that products are molded with the highest degree of precision and quality.


Brand Name: Haijiang

Model Number: HJF-240

Place of Origin: Ningbo, China

Shot Weight: 1590 G

Clamping Stroke: Variable

Capacity: 10-15 Cartoon/min

Model: ABC-1000

Toggle Stroke: 1350MM

Our Haijiang HJF-240 is the ideal solution for the Injection Mold Maker seeking High Precision Plastic Injection Molding . This Injection Plastic Machine promises reliability and performance for all your precision molding needs.

Support and Services:

Our Plastic Injection Molding Machine comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure your equipment operates efficiently and effectively. Our support includes detailed product manuals, an online knowledge base, maintenance tips, and troubleshooting guides to help you address any issues you might encounter during the operation of your machine.

We offer a range of services to enhance your experience with our product, including installation guidance, training for your staff on how to operate and maintain the machine, and optimization techniques to improve production quality and speed. Our dedicated technical support team is available to provide assistance with any technical queries or difficulties you may experience.

Regular software updates and hardware upgrades are available to keep your machine up to date with the latest technology and features. We also provide preventive maintenance services to help you minimize downtime and ensure your machine continues to run at peak performance.

In the event of a machine breakdown or if you require repairs, our technical support team is prepared to offer prompt assistance to diagnose and resolve the issue. We stock a comprehensive range of genuine spare parts to ensure quick and efficient repair, minimizing any disruption to your production.

We are committed to providing exceptional after-sales support to ensure that you get the most out of your Plastic Injection Molding Machine. Our goal is to maintain the longevity of your machine and help you achieve the highest levels of productivity and efficiency in your manufacturing processes.

Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Plastic Injection Molding Machine:

The Plastic Injection Molding Machine is secured within a heavy-duty steel frame, providing ample protection against impacts during transportation. The frame is then encased in a wooden crate that conforms to international shipping standards, ensuring the machine is safeguarded from environmental factors such as moisture and dust. Inside the crate, the machine is immobilized with foam padding and wrapping materials to prevent movement that could cause damage. The crate exterior is marked with appropriate handling symbols and labeled with product information to facilitate proper handling and delivery.

Shipping for Plastic Injection Molding Machine:

The packaged Plastic Injection Molding Machine is shipped via freight services, chosen for reliability and experience in handling industrial equipment. The shipping process includes insurance coverage to protect against any unforeseen events during transit. Prior to shipment, all necessary customs documentation and export declarations are prepared to ensure a smooth customs clearance. Upon dispatch, the consignee will receive a tracking number to monitor the shipment's progress until delivery. Special arrangements for unloading may be required at the destination due to the machine's size and weight.


Q1: What types of products can be made with the Haijiang HJF-240 Plastic Injection Molding Machine?

A1: The Haijiang HJF-240 Plastic Injection Molding Machine is versatile and can be used to manufacture a wide range of plastic parts for industries such as automotive, medical, consumer goods, and electronics. It is suitable for producing items like plastic containers, toy parts, automotive components, and medical devices, depending on the mold used.

Q2: What is the clamping force of the Haijiang HJF-240 Plastic Injection Molding Machine?

A2: The Haijiang HJF-240 Plastic Injection Molding Machine offers a clamping force of 240 tonnes, providing sufficient power to handle medium to large-sized molds and ensuring precise molding of parts.

Q3: Can the Haijiang HJF-240 be used for thermoplastic and thermosetting materials?

A3: Yes, the Haijiang HJF-240 Plastic Injection Molding Machine is designed to work with a variety of plastic materials, including both thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. Its advanced heating and injection systems are capable of processing these materials efficiently.

Q4: How does the Haijiang HJF-240 ensure product quality and consistency?

A4: The Haijiang HJF-240 is equipped with precision control systems that monitor and adjust the injection process parameters such as temperature, pressure, and injection speed. This ensures high-quality production with consistent results for every cycle.

Q5: What kind of support and training does Haijiang offer for the HJF-240 injection molding machine?

A5: Haijiang provides comprehensive training for the HJF-240 Plastic Injection Molding Machine, including operational training, maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting. Additionally, Haijiang offers technical support to assist with any questions or issues that may arise during the use of their machines.

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