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China Ningbo haijiang machinery manufacturing co.,Ltd certification
China Ningbo haijiang machinery manufacturing co.,Ltd certification
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Haijiang injection molding machine good quality ,but price is better than Bole and Haitian. It is good choice

—— Muhammad Khali

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  • Production Line

    Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine

    Existing injection molding machine is equipped with systems for plastic dehumidifying dryer, electric heating mode to provide heat, carry a certain amount of heat from the exhaust outlet air heat drying drums, when this part of the heat directly into the workshop, a workshop area will increase the dust content in the air and affect the operation of the health of workers, on the other hand will increase energy consumption and increase the financial burden on businesses.

    In the case of lack of prior art, this article provides an injection machine heat recovery heat cycle apparatus, melt rubber tube around the heating section to install waste heat collection device when utilizing the heat of the work dried plastic tub and dried dehumidifying.
    Have some water, dust and hot air is discharged from the injection molding machine, hot air circulating through the duct into the dust dehumidifying apparatus, processes, through the hot part of the subsequent adjustment of fan heat, provide the impetus for an injection molding machine heat so as to generate the flow loop, after treatment into the injection molding machine, and then circulated through the plastic barrel and heat entering the heat further heat treatment; another portion of hot air and the heated gas 2 have been an injection molding machine, which can adjust the temperature of the injection molding machine within through which air flow to ensure that the actual injection molding machine with a set temperature, respectively. When the temperature inside the injection molding machine than the set low signals, increasing the output of wind speed increase in driving action, into the injection molding machine, the air temperature increases, the temperature rise inside the injection molding machine, when in the injection molding machine temperature than the set temperature is high, a signal, reduce speed and reduce the output of wind, thus reducing high-temperature gas into the injection molding machine, the temperature of the injection molding machine is lowered.

    injection molding machine


    Injection molding machine waste heat utilization Problems and Suggestions

    These problems are:

    (1) of the injection molding machine processing enterprises throughout the country, but the equipment skill levels, a lot of business equipment needs further transformation;

    (2) ban plastic industry voices, but in the rural market is still widely used plastic products, cutting costs has become a top priority for enterprise development;

    (3) Due to the dissemination of information channels and lack of funds business, which greatly restricted the lot to promote this technology, many enterprises lack advanced energy-saving technologies and mechanisms for clean development mechanism, advanced technology service providers have no way to understand the situation of enterprises;

    (4) injection molding machine high temperature waste heat utilization technology after years of development is now more mature, successful cases also showed its economic benefits, but the huge potential of low temperature waste heat utilization injection molding machine needs to be further developed.

    Suggestions are:

    (1) injection molding machine manufacturing enterprises to achieve management and use of the "right to use scientific management, careful maintenance, regular maintenance, reasonable lubrication, planned maintenance, improve equipment availability, the equipment in good condition";

    (2) pollution is the most important energy consumption, thermal energy-saving injection molding machine as one of the main force, it should be introduced more active policy to give appropriate financial support, guide enterprises in the injection molding machine industry to play an active heat recovery effect;

    (3) to carry out injection molding machine waste heat resources research and gather relevant advanced technology, management and strengthen information dissemination and other cases, strengthen the research of low temperature waste heat utilization technology of injection molding machines, injection molding machines heat to promote the application of technology.

    (4) Recommendation injection molding machine waste heat utilization potential of the enterprise, considering the system as far as possible, the overall improvement, and focus on the refinement of the use of automatic control systems.

    3. Economic Benefits

    (1) injection molding machine system saving 15% to 35%, saving more than 90% of the dryer;

    (2) high temperature 270 ℃ ~ 280 ℃, low temperature -70 ℃;

    (3) injection molding machine production workshop temperature drop of up to 3 ° ~ 8 °, the working environment has greatly improved;

    (4) reduction of carbon dioxide emissions than the conventional 45% to 50% and no SO2, fly ash, slag, NOx emissions low;

    (5) Tensile strength ≥0.02MPa;

    (6) corrosion resistance, aging, waterproof, anti-oil, anti-oil pollution, environmental protection, pollution-free;

    (7) Easy to install, good service, toughness, flexible bandage;

    (8) for different temperatures, the shape of the injection molding machine.

  • R&D

    Injection moulding machine R&D

    Haijiang Machinery Co.,Ltd. annually put much HR onto the injection moulding machine researching and developing. We have got two color and blow molding machine patents which are protected in many countries and have its own Intellectual property rights on the injection moulding machine innovations. Due to continuous improvements for injection moulding machine design,Haijiang is always keening on HMI improving, high speed injection moulding researching, precision plastic filling with stable PC controlling.

    Haijiang has the injection moulding machine R & D team which is with more than 8 engineers, some of them are professional in PC controlling system, some of them are mechanical engineers, some of them are professional in hydraulic system, some of them are the electronics... during the past several years, based on the experiences and researching, Haijiang has got a lot of achievements.

    They are:

    ·Injection moulding machinesecurity System for human protecting.

    .Injection blow molding systems which are especially designed for air venting through waters.

    ·Injection moulding machine energy saving system with servo motor for bump and plasticizing.

    ·Injection moulding machinerotor clamping plate servo controlling with cooling water sealing system.

    ·PVC injection moulding machine special TC system.

    ·PET injection moulding machinespecial screw and barrel design.

    ·Robot design for side feeding and picking IML system.


    Haijiang is continues on researching and developing for different types of new technologies and innovations for injection moulding machine. We are keening on offering the top quality machines and services to plastic moulding industries.

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