Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine For Plastic Artifical Flowers and leaves Making factory with mould

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HAIJIA
Certification: CE ISO9001
Model Number: HJF140
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Standard Export Package for Injection Machine
Delivery Time: 20-30days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Month

Detail Information

Voltage: Customed Avaiable Used For: Plasic Products
Motor: Servo & Standard & Variable Pump Keyword: Energy Saving
Warranty: 18 Months Plastic Type: Thermoplastic
Certification: CE ISO9001 Color: Blue Or As Customized
Package: Container Transport: By Sea

Product Description

1.Preparing before polishing
1. The polishing and polishing personnel must be trained and qualified by examinations before they can take up their posts.
2. Define the technological requirements of the workpiece, the material and initial state, the processing position, shape, size and polishing accuracy requirements of this process.
3. Before polishing, it is necessary to check whether the polishing surface has defects such as collapse, collapse angle, over-cutting, deformation and sand holes, and whether the remaining polishing allowance is sufficient.
4. Reasonable selection of tools, fixtures, main and auxiliary materials for this process according to process specifications.
5. Proper protection of workpiece according to process requirements.
6. Revalidate steps 1-5 and enter the operation procedure.

2. Fixture and Protection of Workpieces
1. For the higher or longer workpieces below 20kg, the clamp of bench clamp is required on the polishing table.
2. For larger and heavier workpieces, front and rear magnets and screw clamps should be used on the polishing table to tighten them.
3. When grinding and polishing workpieces with a working car, wedges or related measures should be adopted to ensure the stability and safety of the work.
4. Rubber sheets should be used to protect the small and vulnerable workpieces.
5. Workpieces with sharp and angular corners shall be protected by rubber tape and adhesive paper to prevent injury or damage to workers and workpieces.
6. For the workpiece that needs to keep edge and sealing position, it is possible to adopt a baffle (saw blade or iron sheet) or a baffle to fix and protect the chamfer and chamfer of the anti-edge.

3. Content and scope of self-inspection
1. Whether the sealing surface is caved in and rounded;
2. Whether to destroy the original die inclination or not;
3. Check the size of each polishing surface to see if it exceeds the reserved amount.
4. Whether the corner at the bottom of the cavity is concave into the side and bottom;
5. Is there an inversion phenomenon?
6. Whether the roughness has met the requirements of the drawings;
7. After passing the self-inspection, it shall be sent to the team leader (or inspector) for inspection.

Screw Type A B C
Screw Diameter Mm 38 42 45
Screw L/D Ration L/D 22.1 21.6 19.5
Shot Size(Theoretical) cm³ 215 263 302
Injection Weight(PS) g 193 236 271
Injection Rate g/s 94 105 135
Injection Pressure MPa 205 159 140
Screw Speed rpm 0~220
Clamping Force KN 1400
Opening stroke mm 380
Space Between Tie Bars mm 420*420
Max.Mold Height mm 450
Min.Mold Height mm 170
Ejector Stroke mm 120
Ejector Tonnage KN 33
Max.Pump Pressure MPa 16
Pump Motor Power KW 13
Heater power KW 7.2
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) M 4.5*1.2*1.7
Machine weight T 4.2
Oil Tank Capacity L 230


Clamping Unit:

1. Optimized Platen Design with high rigidity and enlarged space between tie bars

2. Euromap-based Platen Layout with both T-slot & tap holes, locating design in moving platen to better suit various molds

3. New ejection system design with longer ejection stroke, bigger space and better rigidity

4. Hydraulic drivien gear-type mold height adjustion mechanism

5. Relocation of mechanical safety interlock for easier operation

6. linkage structure for front connecting rod increases connectingrod's strength greatly, as well as the whole clamping unit's rigidity & accuracy.


Injection Unit:

1. High Quality Linear Motion Guide ensure the smooth & accuracy of injection process

2. High Speed & Pressure injection structure can improve the injection speed

3. Twin nozzle cylinder ensures more even & stable structure

4. Specilized screw barrel design for various appliance


Hydraulic System:

1. The double proportional compound valve control system pressure & flow, highly sensitive & stable

2. Imported high quality Pump, low in noise, long in lifespan & stable in performance

3. World-famous servo hydraulic system optional, better performance in lower noise & energy saving

4. The precise feedback control of servo system to the pressure & flow, with higher sensitivity & more accurate repeatability precision

5. High performance hydraulic valve, less failure, fast switch, convenient maintenance

6. Low pressure mold protect system, which is more suitable for the precise mould

7. Greese & lubrication oil in dependent lubrication system can lubricate everywhere in the best situation


Electrical System:

1. Control by double CPU, the system HMI use X86 300MHz technical grade display. The system employees a RISC 140MHz microprofessor, with high speed, noise-immunity, fan-less and lower power consumption, independent control structure improve the stablity of control

2. 8.4" display screen with resolution 800*600, user friendly screen & optional choose of language

3. Equiped with USB(2.0) port & ethernet(100-base T) ports

4. 32 Points input & output, entendable and trouble spot can be replaced easily

5. Linder transducer's resolution is 1/65535, more precise in control

6. 120 technological parameters access can be stored & uploaded with an ordinary USB drives

7. Injection End and temperature tracking is curve display, dynamic recorder parameter is modified, dynamic warningis exhibited, all these make the operation more convenient.

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