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company news about How to do maintenance your injection molding machine

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China Ningbo haijiang machinery manufacturing co.,Ltd certification
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How to do maintenance your injection molding machine

How to do maintenance your injection molding machine

First ,we talk about Electric Part,Electric part is the brain of injection molding machine, if not pay attention to maintenance, is easily to cause the electrical component loosening to occur open circuit and the machine failure because machine vibrations.

In order to prevent accidents and to extend the working life of electrical components, we should implement the following preventive maintenance steps:

1. The terminal block and wiring, periodic inspection and tighten.
2. External wiring should avoid collision and friction materials.
3. The stopper regularly check the degree of its wear and tear on
the pulley and fixed loose wiring connections.
4. When checking high-voltage components inside the machine,
unless absolutely necessary, should not open the electricity.
5. Replacing the mold, not to allow the cooling water flow to
the control box.
6. Check the control box temperature is too high, so as not to
affect the computer work.
7. If you need to change the relay, use the specified voltage relays.
8. Regularly remove dust electric box.
9. Avoid placing items out of vent stack, so as not to affect the
electrical box heat.
10. Avoid direct tap with a hard object or trampling electrical
boxes and computer parts.
Second,we talk about the Hydraulic System.

In injection molding, injection pressure is a major factor to determine the product quality good or bad, so the stability of the hydraulic system is very important. The failure of the hydraulic system mainly from the improper working temperature and oil pollution. Proper maintenance of the hydraulic system to prevent premature mechanical wear and undue damage, and can effectively extend the service life.

- When the fuel tank oil temperature does not reach 25 ℃, we need to start the hydraulic pump motor to pump unload running to approach the oil temperature. When the fuel tank oil temperature higher than 55 ℃, pay attention to check the temperature control of the situation, unusual to notify the maintenance persons to make the oil temperature reduced to the acceptable degree.

-Normal oil temperature should be maintained at a temperature of 30-55 degrees. If the oil temperature exceeds 55 degrees Celsius, the long-term operation will cause the following problems.

1) The pressure of oil due to oxidation and deterioration.
2) the pressure to reduce oil viscosity caused by the following scenario:
I. pump damage.
II. Leakage and pressure drop caused by clamping force and injection pressure decreased at the same time.
III. Accelerated aging speed oil seal.
- Every six months to clean the internal oil cooler once, to prevent erosion damage or internal cooling performance weakened.
- Whether the oil in the tank are in the requested liquid level. Contaminated hydraulic oil, will lead to valve failure and accelerated wear of hydraulic components, shortening component life.

Therefore, we must make a proper hydraulic system maintenance prevention.

- Every 3,000 to 4,000 hours of work the oil should be replaced. The pressure oil should not be used as a lubricant oil, as because the viscosity of the two kinds of oil are different. Can use two platoons hole under the tank to drain
away the old hydraulic oil, also remove the inspection plate, then use the new oild to clean the tank, do not mix the new and old hydraulic oil to use.
- When replace the hydraulic oil, please twisting the oil filter to clean it, just like to clean the valve.
- Unless the valve were blocked, otherwise please do not disassemble them. In addition to re-install the valve on the Circuit board should be installed on each screw and can not use the same high torque.
** Without the competent authorities agree, the operator of the hydraulic components are not allowed to adjust or replace without permission.
- Regular checks of tube fittings, flanges and other fixed position, found loose in a timely manner fastening.
- When the hydraulic system failure, operators are not allowed to tamper with privately, should be immediately reported to the maintenance department.
- Hydraulic equipment should be kept clean to prevent all contaminants from entering the tank.
- All hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, tube leaks, if any, should be dealt with immediately.
- Hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor run if there was any unusual noise.
- All parts of the hydraulic system without high frequency vibration.
Hope these information is useful for you.

any other questions,please feel freely leave feedback message to us.thanks very much

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